Bayli's Corner of Deer
Sunday night on the Trail May 23, 2010

8:50 p.m.-One deer in & it's Spotz. Still pregnant.
Rabbit is on pond cam.

8:55-the coon joins us at the pond.
They aren't afraid of each other.

Raccoon gives Spotz the once over but Spotz isn't intimidated. She ignores him and sniffs the air. Quite frankly, I think she was snubbing him!

Spotz has the white spots on her neck and the side of her belly.
Looks like coon is taking a spit bath! Spotz leaves 9:07. Raccoon laying on his back by the pond, rolling. Bathing his face with his front paws. Rolling in the grass. For all intents and purposes, he looks like a dead coon laying on his back. There he goes into the pond, using those front paws, looking for minnows, perhaps? Well, he didn't stay and eat. Left at 9:18.