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Where got it's start.

Stuff in Minnesota & Meadow Muffin Farms
Where you can find anything from soup to nuts in Minnesota. Meadow Muffin Farm is a place to lay back and enjoy life, flowers, Stained Glass, Donkeys, the Haws and even Nutmeg, many more items to look at!

Deer Trail shown in Sweden

Henry C. Mills II (Gift Card)
From time to time people ask how they can help out or how much it costs to run Deer Trail. Below we have tried to put together some information to answer these questions. First we would like to just give you a very warm welcome to the trail, and let you know that we began Deer Trail as a fun hobby, after we got the first cam set up and began enjoying watching with friends & family we took off the password so that we could share the live stream with others around the world.

From there Deer trail has grown to 3+ cams & it's own domain. Most of the site and some of the trail ideas have come from viewers just like you.

Costs to broadcast Deer Trail Cams & Web Site:

Feed: $150 Month
We go through about two 50lb bags of whole corn, one 50lb cracked corn, one 50lb deer mix, a gallon of millet, three gallons of sunflower seed and about 14 loaves of bread every eight or nine days and in the winter about every five or six days.

Internet: $50 Month
Electric: $35 Winter / Summer $20 (Month)
Web Page & Domain $129 (Year)

Computers: $450-900
Cameras: $70-150
Chewed wires etc: $35-350
Pond Heater: $20-35
Light bulbs: $6-39

At this time we have 10,000 - 20,000 page views daily at the web site.
See below to contact us if you would like to Sponsor, advertise, or help out.
If you would like to help support our broadcasts our e-mail is:

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Deer Trail - Streaming 24/7 live trail cams
<a href="" target="_blank">Deer Trail</a> - Streaming 24/7 live trail cams

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