Tour Deer Trail

About the game player applications:
Click on the links by the game, it is an exe file format.
So you can either save it to your computer or run it.

About Deer Trail Tours

The Tour is led by an interactive tour guide, who can walk you from where you live to the cams on the trail. There are a few differet tours you can make so make sure to take them all, to be able to see the different areas the deer may travel. If you like this let us know, the exe is rather large (20.2meg) but we have more pictures and places that could be visited if you would like them added to the tour.

How to Tour Deer Trail

Use the arrows to move your tour guide.
You can also sometimes click on the stars.
If there are no stars have the tour guide walk where you think the path or a place would be to go next. If you wander out of the frame, just push the opposite key arrow to get back to the frame.

Click to take the Deer Trail Tour