Skunk Game

Player 1
Player 2

How to play Skunk!

A game of Skunk consists of five rounds, one for each letter of the word SKUNK. A score sheet consists of five columns or rows using the letters from the word SKUNK. Play begins with the S column and continues through the K column.

A player can shake the dice as many times as they like but if a one (the skunk) is rolled, play is over for that round, and all of the player's points in that column are wiped out.

The game continues through the last K round. Players then total their scores from all five columns to determine the winner.

To play alone use the following score sheet:
0 to 20 - needs improvement
21 to 40 - you might do better
41 to 60 - average
61 to 80 - good
over 80 - outstanding

Example score: