Camera Shoot

Click to play Camera Shoot

About the game player applications:
Click on the links by the game, it is an exe file format.
So you can either save it to your computer or run it.
To see the instructions for the game after they are downloaded click f1.

How to play Camera Shoot

Try to chose the picture that would be the hardest to shoot on Deer Trail.
Left click on it with the mouse.
A new set of pictures to chose from will appear, with your new score.
Go until you reach the end of the game, where you can type in your high score.

High Score 150
Med Score 100
Low Score 50

See Paint under Games at:
to learn how to capture pictures of the animals on Deer Trail.

Note on music:
To turn the sound off click on the letter "o" = off
To turn the sound back on click on the letter "s" = start